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Corporate Income Taxation in Singapore

Singapore’s income tax (including personal income tax and corporate income tax) declaration is an annual declaration. The deadline for corporate income tax returns is November 30 of each calendar year, as stipulated by Inland Revenue Authority Of Singapore (IRAS). 

According to the Singapore’s corporate income tax declaration procedure, taxpayers should submit the Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) within 3 months after the end of the fiscal year. Even if the taxpayer does not have taxable income, zero filing is required. IRAS will send a numbered tax return Form C to taxpayer in March of every year. After receiving the form, the taxpayer should fill in the form and submits it through e-filing or mailing. IRAS will review the submission and send a Notice of Assessment to taxpayer. Upon receiving of the Notice of Assessment, the taxpayer shall pay tax by bank transfer or other means within 1 month, or the tax authority will impose a fine on the unpaid tax.

Filing documents of corporate income tax include the tax return Form C, the audit report, and the tax calculation form and related supporting documents. In addition, the taxpayer needs to keep records of operations and accounts, tax invoices as required, and Import and export and other related documents for inspection by the tax authorities.

Our Tax Services for You

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In rapidly changing economic environment, proper tax planning is crucial. We provide a wide range of taxation services for SMEs and Sole Proprietors to meet their taxation needs, as well as tax planning and provision of accounting services to reduce your tax burden at reasonable cost within the existing tax regulations and framework. Our professional services includes:

  • Tax planning to maximize tax exemption and minimize tax liability
  • Advisory on applicable tax incentive
  • Filing of Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) within 3 months from your accounting year end
  • Preparation of main tax computation
  • Preparation of additional tax schedules required
  • Compilation of necessary annual tax documents
  • Submission of tax filling form C-S to IRAS

Our tax accountants have extensive experience and knowledge in Singapore and international taxation, provide comprehensive tax solutions, and provide advice within existing tax regulations and frameworks. Contact our friendly consultant today for non-obligation discussion!

*We customize our tax services according to your needs and business volume. 

Why Choose Cohesion Management

Our tax accountants have extensive experience and knowledge in Singapore and international taxation, provide comprehensive tax solutions, and provide advice within existing tax regulations and frameworks. We are familiar with laws and procedural rules set by various authorities and remain up-to-date with latest statutory rules and regulations. We provide excellent services to:

  • Minimise your tax liability
  • Maximize your tax exemption
  • Bring you knowledge the available tax relief opportunities
  • Ensure you do not fall short of any IRAS deadlines and file your returns correctly on your behalf, thereby avoiding unnecessary penalties and losses

Cohesion Management also offer a complete range of services from accounting and bookkeeping servicespayroll servicestax services to company incorporation. The Cohesion team strives to grow with our clients by providing effective, timeliness and cost competitive accounting and administrative services. Contact our friendly consultant today to find out more!

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